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Austin, TX

Oct 19-22, 2023

Deep Dive Immersion: Kuntanawa Nation Ceremony

Experience the transformative power of the Kuntanawa Nation Ceremony: A 3 day sacred gathering that invites you to immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of the Grandmother Tea rituals, Hape and Sananga applications, enlightening talks, and profound teachings. This unique event provides an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the Kuntanawa tribe and integrate their ancestral knowledge into your own spiritual journey. Embark on a profound inner exploration through the integration ceremony, where you will be guided to embrace your true essence and unlock your highest potential. For those seeking a deeper healing experience, the option of Kambo medicine is also available, allowing you to embrace the cleansing and purifying properties of this sacred Amazonian medicine. Join us on this transformative path, and let the Kuntanawa Nation Ceremony be the catalyst for your spiritual growth and personal evolution.

  • 3 nights of Grandmother Tea

  • Hape and Sananga Medicine 

  • Kambo available (additional fee)

  • Talks and Teachings

  • Genipapo painting included

  • Integration Circle 

  • Traditional Music

  • Professional Chef

  • Tenting Available 

  • Wholesaler Discounts Available 

  • Payment Plans Available

*Check-in 3pm, October 19th and  Check-out 10am-12pm October 22nd.

$1555 including food and basic accommodations

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