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Haru Kuntanawa, also known as Prince, stands as a guiding light among indigenous communities in Brazil, celebrated for his transformative leadership in revitalizing the rich cultural heritage of his people. With a commanding presence, compassionate heart, and influential spirit, Haru has nurtured faith and unity within his tribe and neighboring villages along the enchanting banks of Acre, Brazil.

Deeply respecting traditional wisdom and the sacred healing properties of natural plant medicine, Haru took visionary steps to safeguard and honor these ancient practices. He played a pivotal role in organizing the Pano Corridor Project, a groundbreaking initiative uniting diverse tribes, nations, and people worldwide, fostering a deeper understanding between cultures across continents.

Currently serving as the president of the Ascak Association, the social organization of the Kuntanawa people, Haru passionately advocates for the collective rights and interests of his community.

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In collaboration with his wife and Co-leader, Dr. Hayra Kuntanawa, an expert in both Eastern and Western Medicine, Haru embarked on a noble project centered on preserving Amazonian plants, healing indigenous communities, and providing education. Amidst the looming threats of corporate exploitation in the Amazon, Haru actively engaged in international efforts and conferences, including his participation at the UN, to defend the forest and its inhabitants from the destructive actions of various industries.

With unwavering dedication, Haru and Hayra channel their efforts into spreading their transformative message to the world through ceremonies and the use of plant medicines from the Amazon primary forest. Their music, voices, and profound connections during these ceremonies offer healing, guiding individuals to reconnect with their roots and awaken their consciousness to harmoniously coexist with the world. Through their passionate endeavors, they strive not only to protect the Amazon but also to inspire global harmony and preserve indigenous cultures, ensuring the well-being of all generations of humanity.

Haru was in the UN, with the Cacique (Prince) Raoni leader of the Kayapó people, in their search to support and defend the forest and their people from the corruption of companies such as: timber, mining, contractors of hydroelectric and against the agri-businesses that destroy the lands of the Amazon.


Each and every day the Amazon is under threat by corporate demise. Haru and Harya have dedicated their lives to spreading this message to the world. They do this by offering ceremonies with the aid of plant medicines from the jungle, their voices, music, and deep connection to each and every ceremony participant. This form of healing will help people connect with their roots to the earth and awaken the conscience to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

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