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Global Institute of Indigenous Ancestral Knowledge of the Pano Family and New Renewable Techniques - Kapêtawãna

If you donate $1,111 or more you can enter to win a beautiful handmade crown. Our goal is to reach $111,111 or more to support our mission of empowering the Kuntanawa tribe and saving the Amazon forest

Transform & Illuminate Project

This mission supports the impoverished Kuntanawa people along the main river by paying them to plant trees and learn the ways of agroforestry planting that works in union with the system of the forest. In doing so, the indigenous people are financially supported and don't need to agree to the government's slash & burn payouts due to their dramatic level of poverty.

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Kuntanawa's Urgent Journey to Land Recognition

We are raising funds to bring five Kuntanawa Nation representatives to Brasilia for a historic meeting to demarcate 100,000 hectares of their ancestral land. This step is crucial for their official land recognition and the protection of the Amazon rainforest. 

Amazon Guardian Relief: Urgent Support for Kuntanawa Communities Facing Climate Crisis


For the past decade, the Kuntanawa community has grappled with recurring floods, a consequence of climate change fueled by deforestation in the Amazon. This ongoing situation has left numerous families in precarious conditions during the rainy season. At this critical juncture, we are addressing the urgent need to relocate several families to safer areas due to the heightened risk of homes collapsing with the melting riverbanks. We are actively working to raise support for the immediate removal of 24 at-risk families, estimating $12,000 per family for essential relocation and rebuilding efforts across three affected villages: Aldeia Kuntamanã (8 families), Seven Star Village (5 families), and Aldeia Waterfall (11 families). Your assistance is crucial, not only for these families but also for safeguarding the Amazon, a vital ecosystem that serves as the heart and lungs of our planet, ensuring the well-being of all humanity



A sacred indigenous crown from the leaders of the Kuntanawa Tribe. These crowns represent the cosmology of the Kuntanawa people with their history of ancestry that involves the earth and the sky.
The powers of the stars to guide the spirit of humanity and the power of palm trees 🌴 to sustain the life of the planet, especially in the Amazon rainforest.  These crowns were made by the inspiration and vision of the leader Haru and the geometries are worked in a single piece by other arts of the people and finalized by Haru Kuntanawa himself, with the aim of making a connection with his own spirit and that of his wife Hayra Kuntanawa Halle.

These are unique and culturally significant pieces that hold deep spiritual and ancestral wisdom. Each item carries the essence of the indigenous culture it represents, making it a truly special and meaningful piece.

When you donate to receive a sacred indigenous item, you are not only acquiring a beautiful work of art but also supporting the preservation and continuation of indigenous traditions.

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