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Kuntanawa Retreat Application

Retreat Readiness:

The work with these sacred sacramental medicines requires a certain level of physical health and spiritual strength. The registration form is designed to ensure that you are a good candidate for this work and that you are not taking any medications that may be contra-indicated as in certain cases this could have extreme harmful affects. Please click the link below to register for the  retreat and fill the form out in full transparency, knowing that your privacy will be protected and that it is essential for your safety and the safety of the group that this information is accurate. If you are not a fit at this moment, we can give you guidance and suggestions to help you prepare for the next tour or a future retreat at our home in the Amazon. Thank you for you being here. We look forward to this beautiful expansion ahead! 

Thank you so much!

The Kuntanawa Team

Have you attended a Kuntanawa event previously?
Is this your first time taking any medicinal plants from the Amazon?
Are you prescribed any medications or herbal therapies for mental health conditions that you will unable to safely abstain from two weeks before, during and after ceremony? If yes, please specify below.
Do you currently use any recreational drugs that you will be unable to abstain from two weeks prior, during and after ceremony? If yes, please describe below
Medical Contraindications

Our priority is your safety and well being, and to guide you to personal healing and growth. During the booking process you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire. Please be as forthcoming as possible when answering the questions. If any potential medical contraindications are present, we will inquire further to ensure your safety. By registering for a program, you are declaring that you are in physical and mental condition appropriate to the activities described in the workshop program, that you agree to participate at your own risk, and that we cannot accept liability for any accident or injury. We will provide the most secure environment to work with medicinal plants as much as possible and ensure your welfare to the best of our abilities, at all times. In return, we ask that you behave responsibly and do not endanger yourself or others. General Medical Precautions when working with medicinal plants can carry health risks; please disclosure any known medical conditions.

Please contact us before making a reservation to discuss your particular case (e.g. tuberculosis). Although the medicinal plants we use have not been found to cause psychosis or other psychiatric disturbances, it can be dangerous to those with a history of psychological conditions. Please inform us of any history of mental health problems in the past. It is important to suspend any kind of psycho-pharmaceutical and depression treatments 14 to 35 days before drinking some of our medicinal plants. We will provide more specific advice on how to proceed under the supervision of your doctor once we receive details of a particular medication in question. Contraindications from an Amazonian plant healer’s perspective: When a patient or apprentice is working with a medicinal plant, it is preferable to not take any other substances. This may cause and interference with the plant’s energy and provoke unwanted reactions. Certain drugs and medications have been found to not be compatible with some medicinal plants. It is essential to stop taking the substances listed in this document and give your system sufficient time to remove them from the body before you begin a program. We will provide advice on how to proceed during your booking process. Please consult your doctor if you are in any doubt. You should not stop taking prescribed medications without consulting your doctor. 

Thanks for submitting!

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