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Leaders Haru and Dr. Hayra's Inspiring Journey

Hayra and Haru's paths converged not by chance but through destiny in the enchanting landscapes of Peru. Living in Boulder, Colorado, Hayra received a message during meditation from the Akashic Records, guiding her to the town of Pisac. There, in a small café, she awaited an encounter with a distinctly indigenous-looking man, foretold to be her future husband – Chief Haru of the Kuntanawa Nation.


Haru, the leader of his tribe, embarked on a transformative journey, seeking healing and self-discovery. His quest led him to Pisac, where fate intertwined their lives. In their initial meeting, a profound soul connection was evident, forging an immediate friendship. Three weeks later, Hayra joined Haru on a journey to the heart of the Amazon in Acre, Brazil, where their bond deepened. Their love, a beacon of authenticity, has not only inspired others but also served as a catalyst for transformation through their music, stories, and healing medicines.


While navigating the intricacies of language and culture, they coined the term "Portuglais" for their unique communication style. At public events, a translator assists in bridging the linguistic gap. Hayra, post their legal marriage, became the first Western woman to marry a revered indigenous leader of the Amazon, receiving her Kuntanawa name. Together, they redefine roles in the Kuntanawa territory, embodying equality, a groundbreaking concept in the Amazonian context. Their union symbolizes the harmonious fusion of different worlds, challenging societal norms and fostering a new era of understanding and partnership.

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