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A Private Ministerial Association

Our Mission

The Kuntanawa people have dedicated their lives to educating and promoting awareness about the importance of preserving the Amazon. We strive to connect people with their roots to the earth and to awaken their consciousness to live in harmony together as a global family.

Our mission as a people living in the Amazon jungle is to preserve and protect the forest, which is the source of our sustenance, culture, and spiritual beliefs. We strive to maintain our traditional way of life, which is deeply connected to the land and its resources.


We believe that the preservation of the forest is essential for the survival of our people and the biodiversity of the region.


We will work tirelessly to defend the rights of our people, and to ensure the sustainability of the forest for future generations.


We will educate and empower our communities to understand the importance of the forest and to participate in its protection and preservation.


We will also collaborate with local and international organizations to promote sustainable development and to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon rainforest.


Together, we will work to preserve the Amazon jungle, the heart of our culture and the lungs of the planet.

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