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Projeto Transformar e Illuminate

About the Transorm & Illuminate Project

Our Objectives


The leaders of the Kuntanawa Nation from the Amazon Rainforest are traveling to the United States during the months of August, September and October of 2021 with important objectives.


The objectives are: 

  • To support rainforest communities in their active positions as protectors of intact rainforest in the Amazon through the “Transform and Illuminate” project, 

  • Connect with individuals, organizations and leaders to create the foundations for policy making, advocacy and international solidarity that supports communities that are vital to protecting the Amazon and the world climate. 


The Kuntanawa are traveling to Florida, California, Colorado and D.C. during Climate Week to create direct support avenues for supporting rainforest communities in a project, and a plan for anyone and everyone around the world working to support the Amazon. The Kuntanawa-led, “Transform and Illuminate'' project works strategically and consciously in building what is necessary to safeguard the world climate, the Amazon and a future with human life. “Transform and Illuminate” supports 12 communities in over 100,000 hectares in the Amazon to support  work in halting catastrophic deforestation, protection of intact forests and building communities to have the power to resist corporate and governmental interests of destroying the intact rainforests. These rainforests serve as vital pillars for humanity's chance of survival this century. 


What’s Happening?


Recent occurrences in Brazil are setting the stage for an irreversible climate catastrophe that could be felt around the globe for generations. Right now, the Amazon is being attacked on multiple social, environmental and cultural fronts, at unprecedented levels. Communities like the Kuntanawa protect the fate of vital natural carbon-storage rainforests that could very well determine the survival of our species and our ability to prevent irreversible climate disasters. Communities in the Amazon are facing the 2021 fire season and record deforestation of environmentally vital intact forests. To make the dire situation even more severe, Indigenous land rights are being stripped away by the Brazilian Senate with bill PL 490 to be voted on in August, as well as rushed plans for the construction of roads and highways with oil and gas pipelines running through one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world. 

The Kuntanawa Nation and our network of more than 30 Indigenous and non-indigenous communities are organizing and building replicable project systems of sustainability, rainforest preservation, and cultural reconstruction in the Amazon. The livelihood, wellbeing and prosperity of these communities are vital pieces in the work of solving our global climate goals and challenges and to preserve the greatest carbon capturing systems available, intact rainforests. 

Kuntanawa Nation Receptions


The Kuntanawa Nation Reception will be an evening to get to know the Leaders of the Kuntanawa on a personal level, how these two great leaders met and a deeper understanding of what they are doing to protect the Amazon and the people of the rainforest. There will also be important information about how to become Kuntanawa Collaborators in this cause and how to support this work from anywhere in the world. 

Join in supporting Rainforest Guardians in the “Transform and Illuminate” Plan


The Kuntanawa People are opening the opportunity to build on strategic actions with projects that support rainforest communities with important aspects of community life. Our project encompasses many opportunities for different levels of support to engage with individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and governments year-round directly supporting the work Amazonian Rainforest Guardians do everyday to preserve vital intact rainforest. 

We are establishing Membership Tiers of support for  the funding and for resource implementation in Indigenous led projects in the Amazon for the successful environmental leadership and policy formation that is needed around the world. Together with the Kuntanawa, your community can learn how to support conversations and collective actions to evolve important topics for the protection of the world.


Become a World Guardian


World Guardians with the Kuntanawa Nation will be selected and invited to take part in building a foundational network of supporters contributing financially and in other ways to the mission of the Kuntanawa People, of the rainforest communities and the Amazon. Collaborators will build in their respective areas of work, careers through their audience to help in the mission of uniting a new era of global environmental leadership and conscious environmental policy around the world.

The Kuntanawa are constructing a global network of environmentally conscious and transformation-driven Rainforest Guardian Collaborators uniting individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to take action (within different levels) in building an international network for driving policy change and relationships to direct necessary resources to our programs, initiatives, and activities that work to protect the people, the Amazon Rainforest and forests around the world.

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