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Haru is recognized by many indigenous people of Brazil as one of the most influential young leaders of his time.

His strong presence, compassionate heart and expressive influence has changed and restored the faith of his people and surrounding villages that reside along the banks of Acre, Brazil. Haru met with the Twelve Tribes Alliance in Acre and promoted a big alliance between the people. His goal was to defend the traditional knowledge and honor the use of natural plant medicine as these sacred and medicinal uses of plants can cure the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Between the years of 2010-2014, Haru organized significant and large meetings for the Pano Corridor Project that united different tribes, nations, and people from various parts of the world. The aim of this project was to promote a larger understanding between people of different continents.

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Haru is the current president of the social organization of the Kuntanawa people, (the Ascak Association) that advocates the rights and interests of the collective. From 2015 to 2017 he assumed the post of Advisor of Health for the Indigenous of the District of the Juruá. He became oriented with the public health policies set by the federal government in eight municipalities in the state of Acre, with a population of 15 thousand indigenous people.


At the end of 2017 he decided to leave the government and develop a project with his wife, Dr. Harya Kuntanawa, a medical doctor educated in different areas of eastern and western medicine. This project was formed to protect the plants of the Amazon and to heal and educate the indigenous people.

Haru was in the UN, with the Cacique (Chief) Raoni leader of the Kayapó people, in their search to support and defend the forest and their people from the corruption of companies such as: timber, mining, contractors of hydroelectric and against the agri-businesses that destroy the lands of the Amazon.


Each and every day the Amazon is under threat by corporate demise. Haru and Harya have dedicated their lives to spreading this message to the world. They do this by offering ceremonies with the aid of plant medicines from the jungle, their voices, music, and deep connection to each and every ceremony participant. This form of healing will help people connect with their roots to the earth and awaken the conscience to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

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